Singapore Property Stocks to Watch 2019

Singapore Stock Exchange is shrinking due to the delisting of companies. At present, it has 741 companies as compared to 782 companies in 2010. But there can be many reasons for delisting of companies.

If you are a smart Singapore investor you will always look for available resource and the positive side of the situation. Even though SGX is shrinking but there some stock choices available which can be a profitable investment in Singapore Stock.

Amidst this shrinking of SGX, the property market is performing well because of the few Singapore REITs.

Multi Management Future Solutions have done expert research on Top 5 Singapore REITs which can perform better in 2019. We are providing details of property stocks along with the valuation of the company.

Here are Singapore Top 5 Property Stock for 2019.


Company Prospect

Kepple  REIT is one of the pro founding and leading REITs listed in Singapore Stock Exchange. It got listed on 128th April 2006. It is growing in the market with $4 million market capitalization, $8 billion assets under management as 3 million attributed net lettable area.

Not only in Singapore it also has asset management in Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Kepple REIT is sponsored by Keppel Land Limited, managed by Keppel REIT management Limited; subsidiary of Keppel Capital Holding Pte Ltd.

Keppel Capital is a premier asset manager in Asia with a diversified portfolio in real estate, infrastructure and data center properties in key global markets.

Recent News

In November 2018 the Keppel REIT has divested 20% minority stakes in Ocean Properties LLP for approximately SGD 540 million. After completion, it will hold 79.9% of the transaction.

Keppel REIT has recently announced the distribution of 1.36 cents per unit in Keppel for the period of October to December in 2018.

Valuation And Technical Analysis

The stock is currently trading at S$1.24 in an uptrend with a 52-week price range of S$1.24-S$1.1. The Market capitalization of Keppel REIT is S$4154 mn. P/B value of is 0.8444 and P/E ratio is 27.77 times.

The consensus recommendation of the stock is to hold with an estimate of target price at 1.222. Moving Average and Technical Indicator for the February month is signaling towards strong buy.


Company Prospect

Mapletree Logistic Trust or MLT is Singapore’s first Asia-Pacific focused logistic REIT. It got listed in Singapore Stock Exchange in 2005. It invests in a diversified portfolio of 140 logistic assets in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Asset under management is S$7.8 billion. It is managed by Mapletree Investment Pvt Ltd.

In News

Recently in November 2018, MLT redeveloped the Mapletree Ouluo Logistic Park Phase 1 in Shanghai, China.

It has announced a distribution of 2.067 cents per unit for the last quarter of 2018.

Valuation and Technical Analysis

The stock is currently trading at S$1.39 with a 52-week price range of S$1.39-S$1.18. P/B value and P/E ratio of the stock are 1.116 and 10.024 times. The current market capitalization of MLT is S$4994.11.

The consensus recommendation is to hold the position and the target price is 3.065. Technical indicator including MA is signaling at strong buy.


Company Prospect

Parkway Life REIT is one of Asia’s greatest healthcare REIT listed in SGX. It invests in income-producing real estate and related assets primarily for healthcare purpose. As on September 30, 2018, the total property size is 50 with a capital of around S$1.75 billion.

Interestingly it also diversified to healthcare research, education, and drug manufacturing and storage.

It also has its grip in Japan and Malaysia.

In News

Recently the company announced its distribution news for the last quarter of the year 2018. It will distribute 328 cents per unit of PLife REIT. That is a good value on invest in REITs.

Valuation and Technical Analysis

The market capitalization of the stock is S$1694.01 mn. P/B value os 1.491 and P/E ratio is of 10.918. The dividend yield is of 4.6%. The stock price 52-week range is 2.89-2.57. Consensus estimates of the stock price are with average of 2.944 i.e. 4.77% increase with outperform estimates. The major competitor of the stock is CapitaLand Retail China Trust and CDL Hospitality Trust.


Company Prospect

Ascendas REIT is the first and largest business space and industrial real estate investment trust listed in Singapore Stock Exchange. Asset under management is S$11.2 billion with a total of 98 properties in Singapore,88 properties in the UK and 35 properties in Australia.

The business includes high-specification industrial properties, light industrial properties, integrated development etc with activities including, life sciences, research & development information technology, logistics service providers, manufacturing services and back-room office support in service industries.

It is listed in FTSE STI, the Morgan Stanley Capital International index.

In News

In September 2018 the company entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Griffen Group UK holding Ltd to acquire it’s 9 wholly owned subsidiaries with an estimate transaction cost of £6.8 million. In this Ascendas REIT will be able to reach to The UK market which will help it for further growth.

Valuation and Technical Analysis

The P/B value of the stock is 1.262 and P/E ratio is 17.62. The Market capital of stock is S$8585 mn. The current stock price is S$2.77 with a 52-week price range of S$2.77-S$2.48. Consensus estimates for target price are SGD2.795. Technical indicator suggesting the strong buy according to monthly performance.


Company Prospect

CapitaLand Commercial Trust(CCT) is the first and the largest commercial REIT in Singapore. CCT invest in real estate and related assets. It has a portfolio of 9 prime commercial properties with around S$11.2 billion as on 31 December 2018.

CCT is also registered in MSCI, MSCI world ECG leader index, the SGX sustainability index, FTSE strait time index.

In News

CCT announced the distribution of 4.42 cents per unit for the period of 1 July 2018 to 31 December.

Valuation and Technical Analysis

The P/E ration of the stock is 12.959 and P/B value is 1.016. Dividend yield offered by stock is 4.65%. EV/EBITDA is of 22.768. The price of the stock is S$1.88 with a 52-week range of S$1.91-S$1.63. The consensus estimate for the target price is SGD 1.963. The market capitalization of CCT is S$7002 mn.

MMF Takeaways

All the above Singapore REITs are among the category of top value and top volume. There are good chances that this property will better in 2019. But being a potential Singapore investor you should always do a proper study before investing in any property or stock.

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