5 best singapore stocks invest 2019

Do you have your new year resolution ready?
Have you started planning the year 2019?

A goal without a plan is just a wish

There is a big difference between a planner and a wisher. A planner wishes and plans his way to make his wish reality whereas a wisher just wishes and hopes that it will come true.
A successful trader comes in the former category.
The new year also brings new wishes, therefore, new plannings. We are just at the end of 2018, and 2019 is in front of us, ready to give us the door of wonderful opportunities for next year. 2019 have also brought up the task of a new resolution with it, that can include many things like; learning a new skill, a world tour, a new car.
But, the most important one is to make personal financial growth. Everyone looks forward to the financial stability for the future, healthier than the previous year.
But, first, I have a simple question,
How do you address your financial stability target?
The answer is even more simple. Through a smart investment strategy!

The most favorable investment strategy is investing in stocks. I know you are also planning your investment strategy for the year 2019; for that, you will need information about stocks in Singapore stock exchange to invest in 2019.

Worry not!

We are here! To share the latest, well-researched information about important stocks of Singapore market.

Here are the 5 best Singapore stocks to invest in 2019


If your new year resolutions include ships and seas, you should invest in Hutchinson Port.

Both Hong Kong and Shenzhen have ranked HUTCHISON PORTS amongst the top 10 world container ports in terms of throughput since 2001.

With a stock price just at $0.28, Hutchison Port Holding Trust is giving you a dividend yield of 12.47%. The market capital of this company is S$2.44B It is very important for you if you are among the successful Singapore trader that you consider high dividend paying stocks of Singapore.

Not a bad return if you ask.

With the latest news by NASDAQ, it was among a few only stocks which rose climbed by 3.77%.

You can get the gist that why you should watch Hutchison Port in 2019.


Everyone loves going malls.


Capitaland mall trust is among the top 10 blue-chip stock in STI 30, With the second largest REIT of market capital S$7.68. The stock price of CapitaLand Mall Trust is S$ 2.26 and a high dividend yield of 8.26%.

The launch of FUNAN the first offline mall in Singapore and NOMADx Singapore’s first phygital (Physical plus Digital)concept store, 2019 will be the most adventurous year. It is the right time to invest in Capital Land for Singapore traders.


Guess which one is among the top 5 blue-chip stock in Singapore?

Yes, you guessed it right!

UOB is the one!

Market capital of $41.43 B, UOB gives you 7.19% dividend yield with the latest stock price is 25.02. UOB is the 3rd largest bank in south-east Asia and a company too big to fail. UOB has a strong grip in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and, China.

Economic forecast 2018-2020 outlook considering the annual GDP OF 3% and for 2019 with a slow but growing rate of 2.6%

It will be a very intelligent decision if you invest in UOB for the coming future.


It is a leading seed-to-shelf agribusiness—from growing oil palms with farmers to producing food for the present and future.

And the future is 2019!

You might be hearing some news of loss over Q3. But profit and loss is a part of any institution. With the views of our analysts and our research team, Golden Agri Resources will be profitable stock for 2019.

The market capital of Golden Agri is $3.27B. Dividend yield and stock prices are 5.31% and S$0.26 respectively.

From the latest news article from Bloomberg  in reference with Globe Newswire, verticle farming will increase to witness CAGR of 24.9% during 2017-2023 and Golden Agri is among the key player id vertical farming.

You are smart enough to do the rest of the calculation.


A multinational land transport company operating 46,010 vehicles in seven countries and market capital of S$4.6B. Its earning history and investment credibility tell us why we should consider investing in it in 2019.

The company is giving you a 4.98% dividend yield with the stock price of S$2.11. ComfortDelgro is one of the top taxi services in Singapore and the demand for taxi services is gaining new height every day.

We gave you The Top 5 Stock in the Singapore Stock Market to invest in 2019, few of them are blue-chip stocks and all of them are giving you the high dividend. These are the companies which are too big to fail and will not be much affected by ongoing trading war.

Multi-Management Solutions team has helped you to check one of your new year resolution to execute. Next is your turn to take action.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t think. Act!

You can find latest stock signals with the target price and stop loss of Singapore stock market from here or you can call for an expert advice to make foolproof investment strategy for 2019.

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