While trading in FX market, there are various trading strategies exists in the market. In fact, there are majorly two basic trading strategies which are termed as Speculating & Hedging & Speculating. Extraction of the same is as follows:


  1. While selling goods in foreign countries, they are expended as per the currency of the particular country. Movement in these currencies can cause the value of sale to be decreased. Therefore, to avoid the decrement in currency movements, the company tries to hedge themselves by trading the currency pairs which act as a profitable forex trading signal.
  2. Moreover, hedging is the effective form of getting best forex signal; as traders & investors hedge their currency in order to obtain substantial gain.


  1. Speculation involves the buying & selling of currencies by making prediction that price will move, which off course have risk in it.
  2. As currencies are traded in pairs, traders do a bet that one currency will hike & another will fall.
  3. Investors while trading the currency pairs need to have the understanding of currencies and their movements through currency trading signals.

Carry Trade:

  1. Carry trade is all about selling out the currency having interest rate low and investing in a currency of a country with increased interest rate.
  2. The probability of profit depends on how trader holds the currencies in a stabilized manner
  3. Carry trade is favorable when the volatility of the market is low. At the time of high volatility, movements in currency devastate the profit obtained on carry trade.

Take Away:

Trading in forex market requires understanding & formulating the strategies for analyzing the currency movements to expect the good potential. Trading this way will surely enhance the possibility of profit making.

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