Trading in Singapore stock market has gainful opportunities for investors to generate great returns. It’s also essential to know that on what factors stock price increase. As an instance, if a company procure another one or if the earnings overreach the expectations, the stock price get rise. The prediction of stocks is overall an emphasizing factor when it comes to analyze the stock price, in order to prevent from loss.
As there are several ways to prevent from losses, here are some of the ways shared that would be useful for you to recognize the losses.


Diversifying your portfolio tends to minimize your risks by owning the stock of different companies & industries in a variety of assets.

Stock Options:

Stock options are the effective tool which acts as a valuable Stock signals to hedge against risks & losses. An option in stock trading is a contract that held between two parties in which investor can buy & sell the stocks based on an agreed price prior to pre-determined date.

When it comes to purchasing a stock; a ‘Call option’ is a best agreement as well as profitable stock trading signals which shows the probability that stock value will rise beyond the stock price.

In order to sell a stock, ‘Put option’ is another agreement cum best stock signals to sell a stock at a strike price with the probability that the stock price will decrease.

Alternative Options:

Besides the stock options, there are several other options for leverage like as the index options. Index option could behave as leverage in a way that it draws its value from an underlying index.

In a bear market, index option imparts insurance to traders & investors; whereas the assets in an investor’s portfolio will likely produce good returns.

Similar to index option, ETF option can be positioned in underlying assets. Another important option is VIX options that enable traders to predict market volatility & is the best way to diversify the portfolio.

As the stock market is an unpredictable market, it is essential to ensure your investments to prevent from losses. Diversifying the portfolio is the best means to trade in a balanced way & to cut the losses.

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