Singaporean Blue Chip Stocks

Singapore stock exchange has a variety of blue chip stocks on which the investors keep a keen eye. Here we bring 3 stocks which falls in Singapore blue chip stocks category and trading in the stocks can give investors huge profitable returns if one follows SGX stock signal updates for best trading.

Before we go ahead with 3 stocks let us look that What are blue chip stocks?

Stocks of well-established companies, which are not only financially strong but also has strong management support system and deep roots in the industry.

It has market capitalizations in Billions and are generally industry leaders on the country.

Therefore, who won’t invest in blue chip stocks where one is almost assured of getting huge benefits, dividend yields and much more!!

3 SGX Blue chip stocks which are good to invest in 2017:


The DBS Bank of Singapore is a multinational bank and financial services provider. Its headquarters are in Marina Bay. It was founded in 1968.

DBS group holds a market capitalization of 52.048 B SGD and a volume of 1,998,100. Its EPS is around 1.699 and is known for sharing Dividend yield of 2.93%.

It is followingan industry growth of approx. +1.13%.

Thus, investing in DBS is a great option.

2. SingTel

Singapore Telecommunication Company is the largest telecom company of Singapore holding a CAGR growth of 1.8%. the company has shown continues positive revenues and a smart balance sheet. Its buy volume is around 2,400.5 and current value is around 68,600,042.

3. Singapore Stock Exchange:

This company operates in Securities and derivative markets of Singapore. It shares information regarding ancillary securities and IT services.

In the diversified financial industry, it is showing a growth of +.81%. The dividend yield of the company is 3.83%. and the P/E ratio is 23.61.

Thus, investing is always a great idea when we talk about blue chip stocks. Though, the stock prices are a bit high, but the returns are accordingly lucrative.

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