singapore penny stocks oct 2018

There are numbers of investment scheme available in the Singapore market. But only a few are providing best return over the short-term period. One of them is stocks trading. It is very important for a stock investor to choose good stocks wisely and also recommended to consult with stocks analyst for safe trading, A stocks analyst can filter out your choice and select the best among them. Also, they can help you to collect valuable information about the particular stock. Moreover, most of the investors ignore the risk of capital. Stock trading is subject to market risk, don’t take this phrase lightly while investing. We must remember that while investing stock market your money is on risk. That’s why here in this post we are going to discuss on Singapore penny stocks which have given more than 20% return on equity with low risk of capital.

Here is the list of 5 Singapore’s penny stocks provided more than 20% return over investment.
1. AEM



It is a Singapore penny stock which is providing more than 50% return to their shareholder. As per the Shareinvestor data over this penny stock Singapore, it has performed amazingly in the last 3 years.

AEM AEM HOLDINGS LTD stock has return more than 41% return in 1 year and it has become multi-bagger stock on 2 years investment and provided +1036% return and evaluating its 3-years investment return has raised up to +2028%.

Looking towards its share price in 2015 is about 0.0942SGD and today’s trading price is around 0.785. We recommend keeping keen eyes on fundamental of this stock to cook a good opportunity for investment.



It is known as the best penny stock of Singapore. There are very few stocks, which have the property like COSCO SHP SG. This stock is trading under a range since last 1 year that is to High of 0.61 SGD and low of 0.335 SGD. If you are planning for investing in this Singapore stocks, You can expect that you are in profit until fundamentals of the company remain the same.

Looking toward COSCO SHP SG shareholder return over 1-year investment it has provided +43.86% return and on 2 years investment shareholders got around 50% return on equity.



It is a recommended stock for long-term and short-term investment because it has performed well in both types of investment scheme. Ascendas Hospitality Trust (“A-HTRUST”) is a stapled group comprising Ascendas Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust (“A-HREIT”) and Ascendas Hospitality Business Trust (“A-HBT”), established with the principal investment strategy of investing, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate used predominantly for hospitality purposes located across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as real estate related assets in connection with the foregoing.

Talking about its shareholders returns it has done the amazing job for investors Ascendas Hospitality Trust provided more than 25% return over 2 year investment period, for 3 years investors more than 47%, and more than 39 percent return over 5 years investment.


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