You got a lot of good reasons to expect profits from SGX Singapore. Singapore is obviously a large market and the trading diversity it possesses is in terms of the nation’s strategic geographic location and richness in terms of commodities.

Singapore is also the center of world trade and therefore, lot of traders and investors from all over got their interests here.

Going by the best possibilities, let us look at some expert recommendations to see which three stocks are a good buy at this time:

  • Sabana REIT: New traders and investors reading SGX stock picks must know that REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, and this company is first in that perspective. The company receives 5% of its revenue from intolerable tenant activities and lessees.

First plus from a trader’s viewpoint is that Sabana REIT is trading low at this time and so your investment is most likely to grow. In addition, it does not depend on capital realization but on REIT, which should be another advantage.

  • Vibrant Group: Vibrant is a logistics company and its primary business interests are warehousing services, transport, etc. The group’s dividends have been good so far and so chances are you can make earn good returns with this stock.

However, stock trend of Vibrant is negative at this time and therefore, best time to buy it may be after further decline which is anticipated as per experts.

In addition, you can also look for Swiber, the company providing offshore marine services to its clients. The company’s stock is trading low now and has prospects of growth.

Also, do remember to take help of a good financial advisor like MMF Solutions to power up your profitability!

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